4th Mining4i Tuesday, 29th may 2018


 The Mining4i is a capacity building platform which aims to show young people across the East African region that the mining sector is a sector with a great deal of potential. Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation, and through capacity building and empowerment, they can be key agents for development in just about any and every industry. 



 Mining4i brings together speakers who will focus on various issues affecting the sustainability in the Mining Industry. This information is vital for developing solutions that will bring about new technology, pollution control, safety and health and value addition in the industry. 


 Innovation brings about new technology which enables transformation that can shift insular operations from a set of static disparate functions, to a digitally aware, dynamic, automated, integrated and interactive environment, with increased agility, lower operating costs, higher productivity and improved safety and environmental outcomes. 


 To bring together industry players and other stakeholders such as government departments and research organizations and innovators themselves to interact in an open and effective way to develop new ideas. 


 To bring together young entrepreneurs from across East Africa who pitch their energy-related ideas to potential investors. The pre-selected investment ideas will be presented to a panel randomly chosen from the guests and the feasibility debated. The viable investment ideas will then be picked by willing investors. Provide opportunities for potential investors to fund local innovations in the energy sector and get returns on such investments.  

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